Kyrgyz language may be added to Google Translate in 2012

The Public Foundation Kyrgyz Internet Society (ISOC), is trying to introduce Kyrgyz language to Google Translate. Project participants plan to process and translate up to 8,600 phrases per day.

The project is still in its infancy, and currently only 212 pairs of phrases have been approved. For the introduction of the little-spoken language project participants will have to transfer more than a million phrases and sentences in the state language, and then send for approval to the Google Translate service.

“We plan to get approval from Google Translate in late February. [...] We have translated into Russian from Kyrgyz and vice versa. This is enough for the service to understand and translate Kyrgyz into 57 other languages,” said project manager Atay Zhunushov.

According to the project participants, the main demand for the emergence of the state language on Google Translate is the presence of sites requiring translation into Kyrgyz, as well as the existence of Kyrgyz language articles online.

A volunteer for the project Erkin Mamasaliev said that at the moment, the Internet has only 60 kyrgyz language sites that constantly update their content.

Another major condition, according to Mamasaliev, is the presence of Kyrgyz language articles on the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia has now a total of over 2,600 articles in Kyrgyz.

The project site where everyone can help the project participants create their database. You need only send a text and its translation, then the text will go to be edited by the project translators, added KIC spokesman, Tolegen Amatov.

The project is supported by the cellular operator Beeline, the U.S. Embassy in Kyrgyzstan, Soros-Kyrgyzstan, the office of the Presidential of Kyrgyzstan and the National Information Technology Center.

Author: Eldiyar Arykbaev

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